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  1. Movement Angol
    The Company
    MOVEMENT ANGOL Danceis one of Britain’s few dance companies that produces work under the artistic definition of contemporary African dance. Since its formation, the company has been an inspirational vehicle for the development of dance as a social, personal and educational tool of development, providing high quality full scale dance performances, classes, courses and training programmes for young people and adult audiences of all ages. The company's work also extends into the area of health and wellbeing, with the introduction of the company's dance health  programme -
    The company's unique artistic identity draws from a rich traditional and  contemporary  cultural heritage to create a distinctive language of expression that utilises African dance forms as the basis for movement development and artistic expression, influenced by Jazz, Western Contemporary and Caribbean dance to for a unique cultural synthesis in movement form.
    MOVEMENT ANGOL travels world wide, delivering creative arts projects that offers individuals a life enhancing experience. The company takes pride in its philosophy of the use of dance as a creative tool of learning and self development, working with professional artists and creative educators of the highest calibre who believe passionately in the values of the company
    The company's work continues to be rooted in the spirituality of the self, a way of life that taps into the unspoken dialogue between the mind and body to journey the individual through a widening field of possibilities, folding presence with existence to let the self prevail.  
     The company continues to pull together knowledge, understanding and experience of the expressive body, to offer individuals a life enhancing opportunity to bring about a more conscious awareness of the self so as to explore personal pathways into the body for a life changing experience through rhythm and dance. 
  2. Dynamic Embodiment...
    •Helps you live life with greater dynamic movement expression and health;
    •Increases body-mind awareness in arts, health, fitness, therapy, & education;
    •Leads to Registration as a Somatic Movement Therapist or Educator;
    •Teaches wellness coaching and health advocacy using somatic movement skills; 
    •Shapes a fulfilling work identity integrating your talents; 
    •Provides access to academic degrees – undergrad, grad, and doctoral level;
    •Connects you to a successful community of creative movers (and shakers). 
    Marthja Eddy (BIO)
    Martha Eddy, Ed.D., MA, CMA, RSMT (Founder and Director of Dynamic Embodiment SMTT, MOC Director of Somatic Studies, Co-founder) is an exercise physiologist, registered Movement Therapist (RSMT), also trained in Massage Therapy, who is in private practice in NYC. She was certified in somatic movement work with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Irmgard Bartenieff, and was on the certification program faculty for both the School for Body-Mind Centering® and the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies from 1984-1994. She founded the Somatic Movement Therapy Program (SMTT) in 1992 and renamed it DE-SMTT in 2008. Eddy is particularly known for somatic-movement-based contributions in the fields of dance, dance science, conflict resolution, child development, and vision enhancement. She completed her doctorate in Movement Sciences and Education at Columbia University. She lives in New York City. Dr. Eddy was the invited speaker at the National Dance Education Organization to give the address on the state of Early Childhood Dance Education at the 2009 national conference.
    In her position as Founder and Director of the DE-SMTT program she coordinates Moving On Center’s somatic curriculum and works closely with our faculty and mentors around the world. She has been involved with dance and performance since she was eight years old. She also directs our partnership organization in NYC – the Center for Kinesthetic Education ( where clients of all ages come for classes and private sessions, and professional teachers and therapists come for training. She is involved in research, arts-based educational program designs, and educational consulting nationally and internationally. She has published numerous articles on these subjects. She created BodyMind Dancing© in 1987 and Moving On Aerobics © (MOA) in 1999. Many DE-SMTT graduates are taking these somatic movement programs out into the field
    Moving on Center East/CKE
    509W 122nd St #14
    3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10027 Phone:(212) 864-5188
    [email protected]
  3. California State University, Los Angeles
     Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
    The faculty and staff of the Theatre and Dance area of MTD are outstanding educators who combine their dedication as teachers with their lives as artists, scholars and theatre professionals in the vibrant cultural life of Los Angeles. Students find an interdisciplinary environment that supports student-faculty interaction and collaboration, one that fosters partnerships with the venues and organizations that make L.A. a world capital of arts, entertainment and research.
    The combination of theatre with dance offers exciting opportunities in either discipline, and in the interplay between these arts.

    In dance, the Department has traditionally focused on contemporary dance, including modern and jazz, with a wide range of classical dance, history and theory, providing essential foundations for performing and understanding dance in a liberal arts context. A new program modification is in the works that will create concentrations in commercial and digital dance and will incorporate more tap and hip-hop, which have become popular with our students.
    Dance and theatre performances off campus complement the campus events that showcase student performers, often in partnership with professional directors/choreographers. Technological innovations on campus have contributed to performances incorporating virtual reality into the artistic mix. Tours to local schools, universities around the state, and various Los Angeles venues provide students with opportunities to reach new and diverse audiences.
    Theatre and Dance students participate in the American College Theatre Festival and the American College Dance Association. The College supports student travel and participation in conferences and workshops that supplement the courses and productions on campus and in venues around Los Angeles.
    The curriculum includes preparation in all aspects of theatre, from technical areas to creation and performance, while ensuring a firm understanding of the social, historical and theoretical contexts essential to a well-grounded liberal arts education for graduate and undergraduates. The MTD offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree options in Music, Theatre and Dance. The department is also home to the joint MFA in Television, Film and Theatre. Interdisciplinary collaborations have strengthened our program by familiarizing students with other performance disciplines, from film and TV to opera and performance art.   Students have benefited from connections to educational theatre companies, in such areas as health education and community based programming. Internships, and service learning are essential components of the program, and the entertainment industry has established an initiative to recruit Cal State L.A. students for many extraordinary opportunities.
    Contact:   Seonagh Odhiambo Horne,  Ph.D. California State University, Los Angeles

    Associate Professor of Dance and Theatre
    Director of Graduate Program in Theatre Arts
    Department of Music, Theatre. and Dance
    California State University, Los Angeles
    Email: [email protected]