Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities
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Celeste Snowber

1.1 Free on-line 
Authors: Keeney, Hillary; Keeney, Bradford
Increased interest in spiritualities in scholarly disciplines and artistic practices 

Author: Njaradi, Dunja
Dancing the sacred in secular higher education contexts 

Authors: Williamson, Amanda; Hayes, Jill
Dance as a moving spirituality: A case study of Movement Medicine 

Author: Kieft, Eline
Seiki jutsu: Transformation and healing through spontaneous movement 

Authors: Keeney, Bradford; Keeney, Hillary
Transformation: An ecokinetic approach to the study of ritual dance

Author: Lamothe, Kimerer
Love Poems to God: The contemplative artistry of Dianne McIntyre 

Author: Goler, Veta
Emanating awareness: Tracing the impact of Bharatanatyam and Iyengar yoga on my contemporary dance and choreographic practice 

Author: Vaughan, Mairéad
Dancer – Dance – Spirituality: A phenomenological exploration of Bharatha Natyam and Contact Improvisation 
 Authors: Ramaswamy, Aparna; Deslauriers, Daniel
Freedom to move, freedom to stop: A somatic approach to empowerment in community dance 

Author: Deasy, Helga
Bodyself: Linking dance and spirituality 

Author: Margolin, Indrani
West African dance education as spiritual capital: A perspective from the United States 

Author: Banks, Ojeya Cruz
Dancing: Creative, healthy teen activity 

Author: Gill, Sam
Book Reviews

Authors: Frizell, Caroline; Thibdeau, John C.; Njaradi, Dunja
In memory of our colleague and friend Jill Hayes (24 September 1959–27 February 2014)
Authors:  Amanda Williamson And  Melanie Brierley And  Sarah Whatley And  Daria Halprin And Jill Bunce And  Caroline Frizell 
Secular and personally politicalized spiritualities
Authors:  Dunja Njaradi And  Amanda Williamson 
Professorial Reflections: Informal discussions and reflections
Authors:  Barbara Sellers-Young And  Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe 
Concerning the spiritual in early modern dance: Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and Wassily Kandinsky advancing side by side
Author:  Michael Huxley And  Ramsay Burt 
Touching the ineffable: Collective creative collaboration, education and the secular-spiritual in performing arts
Author:  Evelyn Jamieson 
Liquid lead: Negotiating the ‘First Dance’ as a queer wedding ritual
Author:  Laine Zisman Newman 
Producing Christian docility: The female body in contemporary American evangelical dance
Author:  Emily R. Wright 
Returning to the dancing body: Honouring our divinity through dance
Author:  Karen Kurnaedy 
Performing the sacred archive: Discourses on reconstruction, documentation and biblical interpretation
Author:  Christopher-Rasheem McMillan 
Interview with Celeste Snowber, Simon Fraser University
Authors:  Celeste Snowber And  Rebecca Weber 
Author:  Kimerer L LaMothe 
Editorial: Amanda Williamson And  Jill Hayes 
Dancing n/om
Authors:  Hillary Keeney And  Bradford Keeney 
Trance in western theatrical dance: Transformation, repetition and skill learning
Author:  Dunja Njaradi 
'What you cannot imagine': Spirituality in Akram Khan's Vertical Road
Author:  Jayne Stevens 
Spiritual origins and belly dance: how and when artistic leisure becomes spiritual
Author:  Rachel Kraus 
Unlikely companions: Grief, dance and mysticism
Author:  Janet Lynn Roseman 
'Can They Dance?' towards a philosophy of bodily becoming
Author:  Kimerer L. LaMothe 
Towards a body-mind spirituality: The practice of yoga and the case of Air
Author:  Maria Kapsali 
Embodying the dynamics of the five elements: A practice dialogue between Body-Mind Centering® and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy
Author:  Kim Sargent-Wishart 
A Buddhist's approach to choreography as spiritual practice
Author:  Lalitaraja  
Glancing back - looking forward: Amanda Williamson
Editorial: Amanda Williamson with Rebecca Weber
 ‘Dark am I, yet lovely’: Tracing diabolical evil and femininities in gothic fusion tribal belly dance 
Author:   Melissa Dearey, University of Hull
Spirituality in Aurelia Baumgartner’s Tanzphilosophie
Author: Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe
Anna Halprin's Parades and Changes: A Harbinger of Ritual Transformations
Author: Rebecca Weber
Inclusiveness through art films in Telugu: A modern to postmodern analysis of K. Viswanath’s films
Author: C. S. H. N.Murthy
Carla Walter interviewed by Amanda Williamson: Professorial and academic reflections 2
Book reviews
2.1 Buddhism, movement and dance (Special issue) 
Welcome: Amanda Williamson

Editorial: Harrison Blum
Attunement and Evanescence
Author: Sondra Fraleigh
Can a two-person enquiry made through co-created movement reveal a profound sense of interconnectivity in the therapy room?
Author: Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke
Taking the backward Step
Author: Sally Hess
Choreographing the Site of Impermanence: Performing Body with Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation in movement-based performance.
Author: Tanatchaporn Kittikong
Interview with Harrison Blum, Amanda Williamson
Book Reviews: Author:  Dunja Njaradi 

Tanatchaporn Kittikong

Sondra Fraleigh

A Dharma Jam led by Harrison Blum at the Museum of Modern Renaissance, Somerville, MA. December 2013. Photo by Harrison Blum.

Special Issue: ‘Dance, Spirituality and Phenomenology’
Editorial and some personal weaves on existential limitations and articular freedoms
Authors:  Amanda Williamson 

Learning to let go: Phenomenologically exploring the experience of a grip and release in salsa dance and everyday life
Authors:  Rebecca J. Lloyd 

Phenomenologies in The Flowing Live Present
Authors:  Sondra Fraleigh 

white-bodied poetry: beaching the beached
Authors:  Bronwyn Preece 

A phenomenological study of altered consciousness induced through movement
Authors:  Shannon Len Deets 

On dance and phenomenology: An essay interview with Professor Sondra Fraleigh, University of New York
Authors:  Sondra Fraleigh And  Amanda Williamson